Get Started

System Requirements

  • MS Server 2016 DataCenter Edition operating system + IIS

  • 4-Core+ CPU

  • Minimum 16GB RAM

  • Minimum 512GB Disk space

  • Access permission via RDP port for management and configuration

  • TCP 9738 and TCP 9739 ports are open to be accessible to the server (TCP 9739 is required for the interface of the Helios-Platform server, while the data sent by the TCP 9738 agents will be accepted to the Helios-Platform server.)



Download Click to download the helios-platform setup file.

helios platform installation

Helios-Platform ADDM to install the product, it is sufficient to run the file named helios-platform-installer.exe, which you downloaded from our website, on a Windows server operating system that meets the requirements. When you click on the install button that appears on the screen, the application will start to be installed on your server. Installation can take about 8-15 minutes.

helios platform installation

Do not exit the installation so that you do not encounter an error during the installation period. After the installation is complete, restart your server. You will see that an application shortcut has been created on the desktop. With this shortcut, you can login to the Helios Platform ADDM portal.

helios platform installation

In the browser that opens, after a short while, two boxes will appear in front of you. If you send the Activation Key in the box above to our sales representative, you will be given a License Key. You can register your license with this key.


helios-platform URL: http://<ip>:9739

By default after registration

Username :helios

Password :112233on!

You can login to the system with your account. You can change your password after logging into the portal.

Agent Installation

helios platform agent installation

The codes for Linux and Windows operating systems are given in the Agent Installation module of the Helios-Platform portal.

The code copied for Linux is run over the SSH connection with route (admin) authority.

Again, by copying the code for the Windows operating system, the copied code is run on the PowerShell connection with the route (admin) authority.